• Cage/Pen
    • Litterbox (get an extra!)
    • Heavy Food Bowl
    • Heavy Water Dish or Bottle
    • Hay Feeder/ Box (Optional)
    • Litter (Wood Pellet or Paper Product, No shavings)
    • Carpeting
    • Toys!(www.busybunny.com or www.pet-rabbit-toys.com),


    • Timothy or Grass Hay
    • Pellets (Plain Oxbow, American Pet Diner, or similar)
    • Veggie Greens


    • Nail Clippers (Small animal or cat sized)
    • Styptic Powder (If nail accidentally breaks or is cut too short)
    • Brush (Flea comb or “HairBuster”)
    • Cotton Swabs (Scent Gland Cleaning)


    • Kennel (Top-opening recommended)
    • Kennel Pad/Towel

First Aid Kit

    • Ground Quality Pellets (Recovery feed if rabbit stops eating)
    • Infant Simethicone (Can be helpful for gas relief in cases of emergency)
    • Oral Syringes (force feeding)
    • Digital Thermometer
    • Microwaveable Heating Pad (Snuggle Safe)

Cleaning Supplies

    • Litterbox Scoop
    • Pet-Safe Cleaner or White Vinegar
    • Paper Towels
    • Hand Vacuum(Optional, great for those random droppings)