This is a complimentary list of items that we would recommend to keep on hand for all rabbit owners. “Must-have” items will be in RED. Items with “**” require a prescription from your vet.

GI Stasis/ Illness

  • Metaclopramide (oral or injectable) **
  • Metacam (1.5mg/ml) **
  • Heating Pad, Snugglesafe, or Space Heater
  • Sherwood SARx Rescue & Recovery
  • Lactated Ringers, IV Line, and Needles for SubQ Fluids **
  • Oral Feeding Syringes (a curved tip feeding syringe with a cut tip is our favorite)
  • 1ml and 3ml Slip-tip Syringes
  • Thermometer and Petroleum Jelly
  • Benebac Probiotic Gel

Ear Care

  • Mineral Oil
  • Q-Tips (Do not attempt to clean ears without proper instruction!)

Eye Care

  • GenTeal Gel Drops

Wound Care

  • HEALx Soother Plus
  • Styptic Powder (For broken nails and small cuts)
  • 3M Vetrap Bandages
  • Gauze

Skin Care

  • Revolution (for fleas and mites) **