Molly’s Munchies – Urinary Support by RBRR


No fillers and no added sugars. A daily supplement using natural herbal remedies to sooth and stimulate a rabbit’s urinary tract.

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A piggy with a little bit of a pee problem. Molly, an older lady pig, was adopted from a local shelter when she was three years old. Molly had a sensitivity to calcium in her diet and the slighted bit of lettuce gave her sludgey urine. She suffered from chronic urinary tract infections until she was introduced to Molly’s Munchies. Molly’s Munchies were designed for Molly to help encourage healthy urination and to fight bacteria using natural remedies.

Parsley: Contains Myristicin and Apiole to help increase urine flow that removes bad bacteria from the urinary tract. Source of Vitamin A, B, C and K
Cranberry: Contains substances that protect the urinary tract walls from bad bacteria
Plantain: Help sooth the urinary tract
Flax Seed: High in Omega-3 essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants
Dandelion Root: Supports the kidneys and encourages healthy urination

Active Ingredients (per biscuit)
Parsley —– 240mg
Cranberry – 140mg
Plantain —– 140mg
Dandelion Root —– 110mg

Inactive Ingredients: sun-cured orchard grass hay, flax seed

Feeding: For rabbits and guinea pigs less than five pounds give one biscuit a day. For rabbits over five pounds give up to two biscuits per day.

Size: 1.2oz (30 Biscuits)

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 in


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