By sponsoring one of our rescued rabbits, your monthly donation of $5, $10, $20, $50, or $100 will help Red Barn Rabbit Rescue provide safe haven for rabbits rescued from abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Your monthly donation will be used to support all of RBRR’s critical work—from providing sanctuary to rehabilitating and adopting out rabbits into new forever homes.

Eli might be small but he is feisty!

Eli was rescued shortly after being dumped in a local park by his family. An onlooker noticed a car driving away quickly from the scene where they had abandoned two rabbits, leaving them just a pile of food to sustain them. Eli has always been feisty which would make him hard to place in a home. At RBRR, we love the whole package, attitude and all!

Matti has come a long way…

Matti was rescued from a backyard breeder after her owner was brutally shot in his home. With no family wanting to take responsibility, Matti and the other rabbits were starved until RBRR was finally contacted and able to safely access the property to rescue the rabbits. Matti has a hard time interacting with people so at RBRR, we let her call the shots. Even though she doesn’t like to be touched, Matti loves to give nose kisses in exchange for treats.

Harper is one quirky bun!

Born in a field, little baby Harper was in for quite a surprise when we arrived at her home. Harper, along with her parents and siblings, were captured on a rural property where they had ventured to after being tossed out by a neighboring farm. Harper started out being quite reactive around people. In the past year, she has made incredible progress and enjoys following us around during cleaning times in the sanctuary.

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