Where everyone is welcome...

Red Barn Rabbit Rescue proudly accepts rabbits of all kinds. Where some places will turn these rabbits down or even destroy them, we open our hearts to the imperfections. Our president, Heather, specializes in rehabilitating the aggressive rabbits. These rabbits are often labeled as mean and worthless. Heather sees past the hard outer shell and sees the rather frustrated and bored rabbits inside. Many of these rabbits will lose all aggressive behaviors but continue to reside at Red Barn to prevent remission. Our vice president, Alex, has a soft spot for those rabbits who where not born like the rest or have had difficulties in their lives. Alex, who has a passion for veterinary medicine, loves helping special-needs rabbits feel the best they can. Alex also has the patience and kindness to help shy rabbits become more comfortable.

Donate to the RBRR Medical Fund

    Red Barn Rabbit Rescue is sanctuary to a number of rabbits with chronic illnesses and special needs. Please help these rabbits by making a tax-deductable donation to the RBRR Medical Fund.