Rabbits are ten year commitments.

As Easter approaches we would like to remind the public that rabbits should never be given as gifts or prizes. They are the third most popular pet in the United States and demand just as much if not more research prior to ownership than a cat or dog. Running the Rescue has been such an eye opener to the fact that rabbits are so misunderstood and widely mistreated and/or improperly cared for. Their care and needs are so different than a cat or dog that education and preparation is imperative to successful ownership. RBRR is committed to educating and we do not feel pressured to move rabbits in and out of our rescue. We also feel that perspective owners should be properly matched with a rabbit. An adoption application is required and after approval we will set up a visit in order to introduce the perspective owner to the rabbits we feel will thrive in that particular environment. Sometimes we do not have a good match and we encourage them to continue searching other shelters and rescues white continuing to educate themselves while they search. Please do not get a rabbit without doing the research and do your part to stop others from getting a rabbit without properly educating themselves. Please spay or neuter your rabbit as soon as possible.

Stopping Animal Scrambles (Update)

These abusive and irresponsible events should be nearing an end in Oregon very soon. After a long battle with the Cottage Grove Riding Club and the Myrtle Creek Rodeo, RBRR, with the help of Scott Beckstead, County Commissioner Bozievich and State Representative Hoyle, we may have found a solution that will hold the organizations having them accountable and make the events less profitable and more of a burden. It will also bring awareness to the community about the importance of research before taking on the responsibility of any animal as a pet.
Scott from HSUS originally suggested the idea of a law prohibiting small animals as prizes. Heather wrote the ordinance and proposed it to the Lane County Commissioners in June. It was received well but required another presentation to the Lane County Animal Services advisory committee. That presentation went well too but still lacked the support needed to carry it forward. However, Commissioner Bozievich contacted us and offered his support and guidance but at a STATE wide level! That was a no-brainer. Heather met with the commissioner and they designed a bill that does not prohibit but still forces the desired result through accountability and responsibility. The commissioner’s idea behind this approach was to eliminate opposition right from the start by not instigating those that are against more laws being passed in general. This bill was so well written that any opposition to any of the stipulations just makes the arguer look irresponsible and/or unkind.
Commissioner Bozievich and Representative Hoyle visited the Rescue on July 30th to further discuss and edit the bill. Representative Hoyle and Representative Gomberg graciously agreed to use their bills to introduce it into legislature during the February 2014 short session in Salem. Unfortunately it never made it to the floor because bills deemed as controversial were not allowed to be introduced. We will try again in 2015.
RBRR is fully committed to this fight and feels strongly that they will succeed. If the time comes for public support, we will be asking all Oregonians to contact their legislators and express their support. Thank you!

Hay! Hay! Hay!

Red Barn Rabbit Rescue rabbits go through 4,000 pounds of hay every year. This year, we are trying to buy our hay by the ton, saving us over $400. But in order for this to happen, we need your help and donations! ** We made it! Thank you!