RBRR was founded in 2008 by Alexandra, a then young teenager with ambitions to breed Mini Rex rabbits for show and sale. However, after picking up her first doe and seeing her harsh living conditions, it was clear that giving rabbits in less than adequate living conditions a new chance at life was a better use of her time and energy. Now it is absolutely clear that breeding is definitely not the right choice for any responsible rabbit owner.

    RBRR is now operated by Heather and Alex and is committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of domestic rabbits with the hope of finding them safe forever homes. They are also dedicated to educating the public on the domestic rabbit with the goal of reducing the number of unwanted, abused, and neglected rabbits. RBRR is one of the few animal shelters in the state of Oregon that caters to the needs of the domestic rabbit regardless of age, size, breed, or special needs. RBRR has an indoor/outdoor private facility located in Lane County that houses anywhere from 30 to 60 rabbits. RBRR is happy to provide support to new as well as experienced rabbit owners.

Donate to the RBRR Medical Fund

    Red Barn Rabbit Rescue is sanctuary to a number of rabbits with chronic illnesses and special needs. Please help these rabbits by making a tax-deductable donation to the RBRR Medical Fund.