Red Barn Rabbit Rescue houses anywhere from 50-60 rabbits at a time. RBRR consists of two buildings, the "Shelter" and the "Sanctuary". The Shelter contains 18 rabbit stalls that house singles pairs. The Sanctuary has 25 stalls of varying sizes that house singles, pairs, or triples. Both buildings are kept heated and air conditioned to the most desirable temperatures. Outdoors, RBRR has 16 pens/runs that rabbits are rotated into every other day for exercise and fresh air.

    Every cage, pen, and litterbox at Red Barn Rabbit Rescue is cleaned once a day. Rabbits are provided water 24/7 and fed twice a day with access to quality Orchard, Oat, or Timothy hay at all times.

Become a Monthly Sponsor

    Consider making a small monthly contribution to help fund the efforts of Red Barn Rabbit Rescue. Your donations are tax-exempt and will go towards food, supplies, and medical costs.