Surrender a Rabbit

Behavioral Issues

If you are rehoming because of behavioral problems, one of the solutions is to spay or neuter your rabbit. An unaltered rabbit will exhibit normal signs of hormonal behavior; behaviors such as spraying urine, biting, humping, chewing your carpet and furniture, growling, grunting, lunging, and refusing to litter train. Having your rabbit spayed or neutered at a young age will prevent or alleviate these behavioral problems as well as protect the future health of your bunny. Best of all, your bunny’s true, loving and fun personality will shine through. If your rabbit is under the age of 1 year, he is most likely showing normal young rabbit behavior. Give him some time to out grow it. We will help provide behavior support and teach you how to work with your rabbit.

Please Don’t Release Him!

No matter how anxious you are to get rid of your bunny, please do not let him go into the wild or your neighborhood. You may think that rabbits eat grass and leaves and can drink the rain water or that some neighbor with a compassionate heart will take him in. Turning him lose may be the easiest and fastest way to rid yourself of an unwanted rabbit, however, it is the most inhumane thing you can do for the rabbit. Released rabbits will only survive a few days in the wild, any longer than that and they are living off luck. Releasing rabbits will create problems for the people in the area. They can bring predators into neighborhoods and can create many problems for gardeners.

Returning your Adopted Red Barn Rabbit Rescue Bunny?

If you can not keep your adopted rabbit, our policy is that you must return your rabbit to RBRR. Please give us advanced notice so we can be sure to have an open cage. It is against our adoption agreement to give your adopted rabbit away or rehome it. To prevent any ill fate, we ask that you contact us and we will bring the bunny back into the rescue.

Surrendering to Red Barn Rabbit Rescue

We are limited to the number of rabbits we can accept. If you are able to provide a healthy environment, food and necessary care for your pet bunny please reconsider giving up your rabbit. If your situation is not urgent, please consider attempting to rehome your rabbit on your own. If you are in desperate need to find placement for your rabbit or a rabbit you found, please contact us and provide us with as much information as possible about the rabbit and the situation.


Other Contacts


Stray rabbits (must be caught) in Eugene, OR: City of Eugene Animal Services

Owner surrender, Eugene: Greenhill Humane Society

Owner surrender, Portland area: Oregon Humane Society

Owner surrender, Corvallis: Heartland Humane Society

Owner surrender, Douglas County: Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center

Owner surrender, Linn and Benton counties: SafeHaven Humane Society