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Bonding Rabbits

Does My Bunny Need a Parter? There is no denying the benefits of allowing your rabbit to interact with and live with others of his own species. Rabbits naturally live in groups for security. For an animal who relies on others for warnings of danger, a single rabbit may feel stripped of all his defenses. […]

Rabbit Medical Kit List

This is a complimentary list of items that we would recommend to keep on hand for all rabbit owners. “Must-have” items will be in RED. Items with “**” require a prescription from your vet. GI Stasis/ Illness Metaclopramide (oral or injectable) ** Metacam (1.5mg/ml) ** Heating Pad, Snugglesafe, or Space Heater Sherwood SARx Rescue & Recovery […]

Diarrhea in Rabbits

Diarrhea is a serious health condition that should be immediately attended to in rabbits. If you believe your rabbit has diarrhea, make an appointment for them to see a rabbit-savvy vet as soon as possible. Is it Diarrhea? Rabbits produce a stool called a cecotrope that can sometimes be confused for diarrhea when squished into […]

“Aggressive” Behavior from Heather’s Perspective

We never use the term aggressive here at the rescue. It is negative and creates a fear and distance right from the start. The rabbits are usually opinionated and almost always misunderstood. Negative behaviors include but are not limited to charging, biting, and boxing. Rabbits are prey animals and usually waiting for something to happen in […]

Safe Fruits and Veggies in a Rabbit’s Diet

LIST OF POSSIBLE FOODS TO FEED NOTE: It is always preferable to buy organic produce if at all possible. If collecting wild foods such as dandelion greens, make sure they are from a pesticide-free area. All fresh foods regardless of the source should be washed or scrubbed (in the case of hard vegetables) before serving […]

Housing Basics

Cages A cage is a dedicated space for your rabbit. It will allow him to have his own territory and also provide you a spot to contain him to. Cages closely relate to the dens that a female rabbit would reside within a burrow system. A cage should be large enough for your rabbit to […]

Spaying & Neutering

Altered rabbits are healthier and live longer than unaltered rabbits. The risk of reproductive cancers (ovarian, uterine, mammarian) for an unspayed female rabbit stands at is virtually eliminated by spaying your female rabbit. Your neutered male rabbit will live longer as well, given that he won’t be tempted to fight with other animals (rabbits, cats, […]

Dispelling the Myths

Myths, misconceptions, and misunderstandings about rabbits are a rescue’s worst enemies. These ideas have caused countless of people to impulsively buy rabbits without the real knowledge of rabbits as pets. Myth# 1: Rabbits are great low-maintenance, starter pets. Truth: Rabbits are anything but low-maintenance. Their housing needs dialing cleaning, fresh food and water, and a […]

The Bunny Supply Checklist

Housing Cage/Pen Litterbox (get an extra!) Heavy Food Bowl Heavy Water Dish or Bottle Hay Feeder/ Box (Optional) Litter (Wood Pellet or Paper Product, No shavings) Carpeting Toys!( or, Diet Timothy or Grass Hay Pellets (Plain Oxbow, American Pet Diner, or similar) Veggie Greens Grooming Nail Clippers (Small animal or cat sized) Styptic Powder […]

How Much Does a Rabbit Cost?

Rabbits are commonly thought to be cheap starter pets for families. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Rabbits require the same, if not more, commitment that a dog or cat requires. Although you may not have to take your rabbit on walks, they still need the same amount of interaction and care. Vet care […]


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