Red Barn Rabbit Rescue relies on donations, adoptions, and fundraising items. 100% of proceeds go to the rescue to help pay for vet fees, supplies, facility improvements, food, etc. Without help we could not run.


Adoption Fee:


Every rabbit adopted from RBRR comes with:

  • Spay/Neuter Surgery ($150-$300 Value)
  • A starter bag of food
  • A bag of hay
  • Litterbox
  • Food bowl
  • Toys
  • Lifetime support
  • Free nail clipping
  • Education materials


Adopting vs Rescuing

 It’s extremely rewarding to be able to rescue a rabbit directly from an awful situation. But we don’t want folks to think that by adopting a rabbit they aren’t providing the same kind of life-saving help. In reality, rescues cannot help the many rabbits who need their assistance if it wasn’t for adoptions. A rescue does the hardest part. We rescue the rabbit, pay for all of it’s vet care ( at least $200), treat it for fleas, mites, and intestinal parasites, assess it’s behavior, and begin it’s rehabilitation. We allow a caring individual or family to continue this new life asking only a small contribution to help us rescue the next rabbit. Adoption means giving a rabbit the home they deserve and helping save the life of the next rabbit. Adoption is a great option for someone who may not be ready for the medical care or surprise behaviors from a rescued rabbit. You can adopt a healthy, happy rabbit with a solid personality nursed by the dedicated people who saved him.



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