Our Rabbits

The following rabbits have started new lives here at Red Barn Rabbit Rescue. Each rabbit has a story and a unique personality. Many of our rabbits have been pulled from the most horrific cases of neglect and abuse and these scars may still show. Here at RBRR, each and every rabbit has a permanent place, now and where ever their future takes them. While in no hurry to see them move on, our goal for each one of our rabbit’s is to help find them their own special home and family.

Our Adoption Process

Every adoption starts with an application where we can learn more about you, your family, and your home. We pride ourselves on knowing each rabbit individually and being able to accurately assess compatibility with your living situation. This can sometimes limit your matches to just 2-3 rabbits out of a rescue of 35 rabbits. In some cases, we will not have any matches and will do our best to suggest other organizations who may have a bun more suited to your family. Once we have a list of the possible matches, the next step is yours and the rabbits’. We schedule a visit, often lasting 2 hours, to meet, discuss, and learn. We often ask that families go home, think about the buns they met, and prepare for their new addition. Once a decision has been made, the final step in our adoption process is to bring bunny home. We are available to new families for life with assistance and advice. If anything ever happens, our buns can always take back their places at RBRR.

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