Our second annual Hay Fundraising Drive is on! Last year, we ran out of hay early and had many angry bunnies who refused the more expensive 3rd cut Orchard Grass. This year, we are raising our goal to allow us to purchase 6,000 pounds of their favorite 1st Cutting Eastern Oregon Orchard Grass Hay. This will guarantee a whole year of happy, healthy, hay-eating buns. Bales will cost us just $10 each and we only need 75! Donate if you can! No amount is too small!


Thank you to our donors!

  • Donation made in memory of Floudas
  • Erin McDermott
  • Sarah Burnette
  • Kathleen Simpson
  • Donation made in memory of Mr Bun
  • Kyla Corbett
  • Tom Rogers
  • Donation made in memory of Gretel
  • Donation made in memory of Harlow
  • Donation made by Jason and Kelly Quadro/MacLeod in honor of Jesa and Dawn’s birthday!
  • Abby Quick
  • Donation made by Bonnie Palmer in memory of Princess Puffball
  • Donation made by Brooke Forsell in memory of Kirby